Hidden WhatsApp Trick You Should Know About

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15 WhatsApp Hidden Tricks You Should Know
15 WhatsApp Hidden Tricks You Should Know 2

Nowadays, WhatsApp is one of the most common chat applications allowing people to communicate with each other instantaneously no matter geographically. With over 2 billion users worldwide, it’s no surprise that WhatsApp continually evolves to meet the diverse needs of its users. Though most have a basic idea about using WhatsApp, you’d be surprised to know that several cool tricks that can make your messaging experience a happy one and make communication more efficient also exist. In this Article, we’ll unveil 15 WhatsApp Hidden Tricks You Should Know!

1. Starred Messages

Haven’t you been in a case where your eyes have been constantly stung by the endless messaging service to locate an urgent message? Say goodbye to that hassle with the starred messages feature. One of the first things you should do is click on the message icon and then tap the star icon. You can access all your starred messages conveniently from the main menu, ensuring important information is always at your fingertips.

2. Read Receipts

If you like to enjoy a little time alone without worrying that somebody has read your messages, the option to be offline is provided. By turning off this feature in the settings, you can prevent others from knowing when you’ve read their messages. It is effective for keeping lines of communication open and setting clear parameters about availability.

3. Hide “Last Seen”

Want to maintain some anonymity on WhatsApp? You can turn off the feature that tells other users you are on the app. Head to the privacy settings and adjust your last-seen visibility settings accordingly. If you are too busy or want to keep some discreetness, this feature makes you master time on your internet show.

4. Pin Chats

Make your important conversations available by pinning them to the top of your chat list. Whether it’s a conversation with a loved one or a crucial work discussion, you can ensure it never gets buried under a pile of other messages. Long press the chat, then tap the pin icon to make it a top priority.

5. Custom Notifications

Tired of generic notification tones? WhatsApp allows you to set customized notifications for each contact or group. Whether it’s a distinctive tone for your best friend or a subtle alert for work-related messages, you can tailor your notifications to suit your preferences.

6. Mark as Unread

All of us have at some point begun a message that we were going to reply to later, but we ultimately forgot about it. Fortunately, WhatsApp lets you mark messages as unread to serve as a visual reminder. Just press and hold the chat, choose the “Mark as Unread” option, and the message will always remain unread until you decide to reply.

Do you worry about privacy or simply want to arrange your pictures nicely? You can prevent WhatsApp media from appearing in your phone’s gallery by creating a “.nomedia” file in the WhatsApp images, videos, and audio folders. It is in this way that your WhatsApp media will remain private and distinct from your other files.

8. Formatting Text

Did you know that you can format text in WhatsApp? Providing an asterisk (*) for bold, an underscore (_) for italic, and a tilde (~) for strikethrough makes it easy to highlight and clarify your messages. Whether you’re highlighting a key point or adding emphasis to a word, text formatting can enhance the readability of your messages.

9. Broadcast Lists

Sending the same message to multiple contacts can be tedious and time-consuming. Using WhatsApp’s broadcast list function, you can send a single message addressed to many recipients without having to open a group chat. Simply create a new broadcast list, select the desired contacts, and compose your message – it’s that easy.

10. Mute Chats

Group Chat is a perfect way to remain in touch with family, friends or coworkers. However, they can also be overwhelming at times, especially when notifications are constantly pinging on your phone. Luckily, WhatsApp has a feature that mutes individual chats; it may be what you need to achieve the peace you want without leaving the group.

11. WhatsApp Web/Desktop

Want to stay connected to WhatsApp while working on your computer? WhatsApp Web and the desktop app offer you this very functionality. Simply scan the QR code on or launch the desktop app, and you can access your messages, send files, and chat with contacts seamlessly from your computer.

12. Reply Into Private Group

Group chats are great for keeping everyone in the loop, but sometimes you need to have a private conversation within the group. One of the great features of WhatsApp that lets you is its reply privately option. Simply long-press a message, select “Reply Privately,” and you can respond to the sender without cluttering the group chat.

13. WhatsApp Status Privacy

WhatsApp Status allows you to share updates, photos, and videos with your contacts for 24 hours. Then you might not want all people from the contact list to see your status update. Fortunately, WhatsApp offers privacy settings for your status updates, allowing you to control who can view your status – whether it’s everyone, your contacts, or a select few.

14. Archive Chats

Delete unnecessary chats from your chat list to make it tidy and save important conversations through chat archiving. Archived chats are hidden from your main chat list but can be easily accessed whenever you need them. Forget deleting from the chat list, simply long-press the chat, select “Archive” & clean your chat list with a click.

15. Check Data Usage

If you’re concerned about data usage on WhatsApp, you can monitor it directly from the app. Proceed to the settings, go to “Data and storage usage,” and find “Network usage” to analyze your data usage in detail. This can help you stay within your data limits and avoid unexpected charges.


It is worth noticing that WhatsApp has a wealth of hidden features and tips that empower you to reach a new level of experience in messaging and increase the speed of communication. Whether you’re looking to prioritize important chats, maintain privacy, or customize your notifications, these hidden tricks empower you to make the most of the platform. Gaining command of these characteristics will enable you to utilize WhatsApp at a higher level. Also, you may use it to converse with your friends, family, and colleagues excitingly.

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